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Hosh Yoga

Clinton Hill sister studio


I’m a new student to Hosh, what do I do?
You can register as a student online by using your Facebook account or registering through the system. Click here to REGISTER.  If you arrive at the studio you can fill out the same info there. Then find out what class times work for you and come by to the studio, introduce yourself to the teacher and enjoy.

How much are classes?
We offer a sliding scale donation, meaning, you get to choose anywhere between $5 to $15. If that is still tight on your budget we have volunteering option so you can exchange your time for classes rather than money.

Do you accept credit cards?
We do accept credit cards at the studio, however we prefer cash or check as it eases the sign in process. You can also choose to make a donation or sign up for our $60 unlimited monthly yoga online on our website.

I donated online what should I do?
Thank you! If you can bring a copy of the receipt on your phone that would be great. If not just mention it when you are signing in.

Do I have to pre-register for the class?
You can just walk into the studio, no need to pre-register for class, we have actually disabled that feature. What would be helpful is for you to create an account with Hosh online. You can use your Facebook account or register through the system.

What do I need to bring or wear?
Simply come wearing any comfortable clothing. If you have your own mat you can bring that as well.

Do you have mats for rental?
Yes we do, the mat rentals are $1

Is there water available at the studio?
Yes, we have filtered water available for free at the space

What is an open level class?
An Open level class is the one that accommodates total beginners and advanced yogis alike. If you are a beginner, please come a bit earlier so the teacher can help you to feel comfortable.

I’m not flexible enough, can I come?
Of course, part of the yoga practice is meant to help open up the body, become more flexible and more strong.

I haven’t done yoga in a long time, which is class is good for me?
You can always check out the fundamentals class, which would be a good way to reorient yourself and your body. If you find that you are comfortable in the fundamentals class, an open level class might be good as well.

Why is Hosh not for profit?
We believe that yoga is a service that should be provided in a community oriented focus. Founding this yoga organization as a NFP made sense.

Where is my donation going?
Your donations help pay for rent, electricity, gas, insurance, supplies and staff members among the other costs that keep Hosh alive. All of the teachers volunteer their time to support the community and so your donations go directly to keeping the studio open and running.

How can I get involved?
There are a number of ways you can help out Hosh. Click here to read more about how.