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Hosh Yoga

Clinton Hill sister studio

About Hosh Yoga Mission

A not-for-profit, donation based yoga studio

Health and wellness as a right of life rather than a luxury.

Hosh is here to provide a fair chance to explore healthier living through yoga, meditation, workshops and strong community development in the Greenpoint and Williamsburg areas of Brooklyn, New York and beyond. Regularly scheduled classes are all donation-based; workshops are priced as affordably as possible.

Karma Yoga

All of our teachers practice “karma yoga” which is yoga of action, selfless service providing an opportunity to anybody willing to try yoga offering various styles in asana and meditation classes welcoming students regardless of income or skill level.

The studio is supported by the grassroots efforts of our students and teachers; where we just about cover rent and organizational expenses.

Pay-What-You-Wish Classes

Yoga by donation allows for those students who are in a position to give more to do so and those students who are less able to contribute monetarily come and continue to practice.  Yoga is not a one-time quick fix, but a on-going life long endeavor.  At Hosh we encourage students to feel welcomed to practice as regularly as they wish without any financial limitation.


Hosh was registered as a 501(c)(3) in April 2009. During the summer of 2009 Hosh began to provide open level yoga classes in McCarren Park to the public. In October 2009 Hosh moved into Otom Gym to continue offering donation based classes. With the help of the contributions and efforts of community members and volunteer teachers Hosh was able to open their own studio in July 2010. The founders of Hosh Yoga are Hamid Elsevar Hamidzadeh RYT© 500, Ty Moses, Yuuki Hirano RYT© and Becca Broughton RYT©.

In Azerbaijan, the homeland of founder Hamid Elsevar, people welcome others into their space with “xoş gälmişsiniz”, which literally means “welcome”. Aiming to create a welcoming atmosphere, we chose the root of this saying to be the centerpoint of our name. Among many positive connotations in Azerbaijani (Turkish), the word XOS(Hosh) means “auspicious”, “heartwarming” and “redolent”. In Sanskrit Hosh appropriately translates as “awareness”. We want to spread awareness of yoga in order to share the rewarding and life changing benefits of this practice with as many people as possible in the New York City area.

We are truly grateful for all of the efforts of our teachers and students for allowing the space at Hosh to manifest and continue to grow.

The studio hums along, but for Hosh to create a more intensive outreach into our community and work towards its full potential we need help.  We require funds in order to actively move forward as a not-for-profit organization and provide the immediate and greater community with increased access to the benefits of yoga.

Our Goals

– Establish programs working with healthcare and community facilities

– Expand Hosh’s community involvement into schools in underserved neighborhoods

– Become professionally fluent and sufficient as an NPO

– Provide continuing education support to our teachers so that we may better serve our community

Your Support

We need your financial support to help us make this dream

become a reality for our community.


Ways to donate:

By mail or in person: Cash, Check (made out to Hosh Yoga), or Credit Card

Online: directly through our website here (upper right corner “Donate Here”), PayPal, or Guidestar


“… a really supportive environment.  The emphasis is on learning and strengthening your body in a way that is healthy and productive for you as an individual.” – Crista S.

“…there is a big community feel here that I very much appreciate” - Christina R.

“…very raw, honest and unintimidating” – Celia T.

“I see Hosh as bringing yoga to people who might not normally have access to yoga classes, people who might not be able pay what a normal yoga class would cost, somebody who maybe hasn’t done yoga before and is curious.” – Sherry R.

“I feel really blessed to have this resource so close to home. Thank you.”– Anonymous

“I love your philosophy of sharing yoga.”– Anonymous